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Intranet application Moulds and Tools

This intranet application is suitable for small Moulds and Tools shop, which deals with single parts or low volume production. Application may help you to keep review of orders, production process instructions and offers possibility to sum work off minutes on order, according to machines or workers. As far as you have calculated prices for single workplace, you can get summary of teoretical and real workshop expensis on each contract.

screenshot#1 of intranet application Moulds and Tools

All computer users logged to local network can see all pages of this application, permission for input and edit data is delegated to selected users only. Permissions are set up by application administrator. There are three different roles, that are assigned to active users, who can input or edit data:

This application was build in Czech version only, so screenshots are hard to read for non Czech readers, sorry.

In the top part of picture there is list of finished parts. Similar lists are prepared for parts in progress, new order's, archived etc. according to order's status. You can search for order in according to order's number, part name, or drawing number also. Partial text and combination of searching criteria are allowed.

Production process instructions are backbone of this application. In the middle part of picture is sample of production process instructions edit form. Complete instructions list is displayed, but only one instruction is possible to edit in one moment. The form can be recognized as yellow backround of input elements.

Lower part of picture displays order's job sheet ready for print. Item like names, dates, calculated and real minutes and prices are displayed. Edit form of order's job sheet (not in picture), makes possible to edit names, dates and change the order's status. Prices and working minutes are calculated from database records.

Order's status help to keep lists of orders in reasonable limits. Completed orders are marked as archived status and fall out from live orders (status: New, In process, Finished).

Each order should have pass through following status positions:

screenshot#2 of intranet application Moulds and Tools

In the next picture you can see example of form for shopfloor data entry. In principle, page is production process instructions, where form is opened only for just performed operation. Worker selects name and enter work off minutes into this form only. In case of need, actual workplace can be changed in the form.

For such a job, which is not bound to specific order, or do not have its production process instructions, there is other form (not in screenshot). In that form it is possible to enter extraordinary job on shopfloor. Monthly worker's account then may be complete.

In the middle part of picture there is order's calendar. Overwiev of work minutes in days done on shopfloor allow to get work progress on selected order. Actual shopfloor records data are calculated and displayed in calendar.

The last picture is sample of monthy account. There are three types of accounts: personal, machine and order's. Here you can get summary of work off time in one month according to appropriate criteria.

For correct function of application we need codebook for workers and for machines. In worker's codebook you have a list of workers on shopfloor. It is easier to pick up the name from select element, then to type in whole name.

In machine codebook list of machines (workplaces) is defined. Codebook may contain hourly tariff of that workplace. This tariff is then used for calculation of teoretical and real prices of shop work.

There are no codebooks in screenshots, sorry. This type of form is described in article forms type #2.

Application described here is not for production planning or production capacity optimalization. First we need to harmony teoretical and real work minutes on particular operations, and that is one of the reasons why this application was build.

updated 11.02.2007