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Intranet application Moulds Report

Basic document for moulds registration are working cards. Paper working cards are damaged, polluted, or even lost sometimes. Therefore paper cards were substituted by electronic ones. One moulds set consist of some tens of pieces for each product type. It means that application have to carry on a few thousands working cards. Sorry for Czech language in screenshots.

sceenshot#1 of intranet application Moulds Report

In the left part of screenshot are tables for two press machines. Each table displays actual status of press machine and pressing positions: 1x plunger, 1x ring, 11x bottoms. One press machine is empty because of job change, the second press machine is running and actual occupation is displayed: mould numbers and their actual working hours in real time. From this page we can go to form for complete press machine setting after job change, to form for removing of all tools from press at production stop (not on screenshot). The third form for single mould exchange is in right part of picture.

This form consists of three parts. Upper part displays list of all moulds for given product type. Actual mould status is indicated by its background color. Below the list is something like mini-viewer, which displays working card last record of that mould which was clicked in mould list.

The actual form is in lower part of page. Used mould number is known, new mould number is according to mini-viewer, there is left to type replacement argument and select name of operator. Exchange time is according to real-time, but it is possible to correct that by the help of buttons.

Each mould goes through following sequence status during single use:

Application is actively manipulated by different users. Production engineer maintains actual list of moulds, press operators enter data when moulds are put on press, or take out from press machine, mould service workers add repairing process data into database.

sceenshot#2 of intranet application Moulds Report

In the next picture is table of product types and one open type with list of all moulds of that type. Moulds are marked by their real status: on press, in service, or in stock by background color. From product type mould list you can navigate to working cards, or you can use link to edit form to update pressing tool list.

In the last screenshot is working card of one mould. Here are displayed all records of single mould. There are utilization and service data: dates, names, commentary text. Total working hours for livetime of this tool is in head of page.

updated 02.12.2006