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Intranet application Down Time

Break down of production happens from time to time at every production line. Registration and evaluation of down time incidents are needed from several reasons. Down time data are useful for calculation and correction of performance plan, statistical evaluation of the most defective part of production line, or even to bonus service workers. The biggest benefit is in unification of data, when all concerned staff use the same data source. There is no problem to import down time data to the other intranet applications.

screenshot#1 of intranet application DownTime

In the picture on left you see graph of month summary down time for one production line. One horizontal stripe displays one day, splitted to three shifts. Each down time event is displayed as color bar. According to position, length and colour you can estimate time, duration and type of down time. When mouse cursor is pointed over the bar, digital date, time, duration and detail text explanation is shown in descriptive stripe below the graph.

Left in the graph there is legend of down time types. Quite down at graph there is navigation for production lines and months selection. While length of coloured bar determines duration of down time, its height can approximately determine percentage of influence to down time on runnig line. In some cases break down of one machine in production line does not have to stop entire production line, such event just only reduce its performance.

In the right part of picture is down time event form. It is possible to select production line, enter down time start, select machine and type of down time, enter duration and percentage of influance on production line. At the end you enter text explanation or description of break down.

All users can see all pages of application. Permission to enter and edit down time event is granted only to that users which have assigned active role. So shift leaders can enter new data, production manager can edit these records and service workers can enter their commentary.

screenshot#2 of intranet application DownTime

Screenshot on right holds Downtime Monthy Report. According to number of working minutes in that month available time is calculated. By subtract of job change time, practical time is obtained. To that last value are related percentages of particular types of down time.

Similar is select report with the difference of option to specify criteria for records selection: production line, type of down time, machine and date period.

Daily report contains only the list of down time events for selected day (not in screenshot).

The last screenshot sample is report for maintenace department. For some types of downtime events it is possible to enter commentary of maintenace worker. It is possible to select all downtime events according to specified production line, type of downtime and machine.

When non standard break down problem arises on machine, it is always useful to check database, if the same problem was solved sometimes in past.

For that purpose maintenace comment form is used (not in screenshot). There are person name, cause of break down and repaire procedure description.

updated 26.11.2006