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Intranet application Calendar

There are pretty enough personal or group calendars on the internet. But I needed something like bulletin board or news with calendar functions. Part of intranet home page is reserved for this calendar and this part is loaded dynamically at each request of home page (in the picture left). Besides of new events from calendar database there are also production lines job changes notice, which comes from production plan database. Only messages valid for today and tomorrow are displayed on the home page.

screenshot of intranet application Calendar

Except the part of intranet home page it is possible to display calendar application pages where list of all events for one week or one month is displayed. Example of weekly events list you can see in the middle of the picture.

In the right side of the picture you can see the form for inserting new event, or editing of existent one. You select start day of event, add number of days it lasts (number of days it will be displayed) and description of event. Short help is displayed below the form.

Access permission to edit the form is assigned usually to secretary girls. They enter events like bussines trips, visits in company, training lectures, holidays of managers. Events which have whole company scope. All users can see all events, but only author is allowed to edit her own record.

You can recognize the red message in the bottom of the form which says that current user is not allowed to edit this form. For authorized person there is submit button instead of warning message. Of course there is another test for user access permission when form data are saved to database on server.

Weekly and montly list of events are not used much frequently. Basic purpose of this calendar is to inform employees about actual news in company and it makes that more than well.

updated 03.06.2006